Supply Chain Programmes

Examples of integrated approaches to responsible supply chain management – from the introductory phase to training, audit, dialogue and monitoring

EICC Code of Conduct v 3 in Polish

This code of conduct aims to ensure that working conditions in theelectronics industry supply chain are safe, that workers are treatedwith respect and dignity, and that manufacturing processes areenvironmentally responsible.
Volkswagen Sustainability in Supplier Relations

General guidelines on the sustainability and environment protection policies of Volkswagen. The document describes Volkswagen activities for sustainable development as part of the supplier relationships.
purchasing, CSR performance, working hours, compensation, freedom of association, corruption
Environment, Health and Safety in BASF‘s Supply Chain

This document presents the base mechanism on how and why BASF aims for a sustainable development through risk management (The Safety matrix Concept goes through the Responsible care guidelines, decision process and audit)
Supply chain Management, responsible care, quality management, OECD, factory visits, criteria, distribution, working hours, Health & Safety, environment and climate
Supply Chain Social and Environmental Responsibility at HP

This document summarises HP’s approach to social and environmental responsibility in the supply chain, from its Global Citizenship Program, to the Electronics Industry Code of Conduct, to capability building initiatives with suppliers and measuring carbon…

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